Business of personalisation – Net-a-Porter

The most successful retailers are those who are always developing their product offerings for new and existing consumers, while improving their customers’ shopping experiences to make them feel more welcomed when they make a purchase. There is no better way to make a customer feel special than through a personalized shopping experience.

By improving the client shopping experience, Net-a-Porter, a digital luxury clothes store, has upset the traditional luxury business model. The organization has built a unique, seamless omni-channel presence across a range of mediums in mobile, tablet, and desktop by evaluating how customers engage with businesses and understanding their shifting consumption and purchase behaviors. The luxury eCommerce platform is committed to creating a shopping journey that’s the best for their customers. They want all Net-A-Porter’s customers interacting and engaging with them rather than the platform forcing its ideology and process on them.

Their vision materializes into their current range of customized services. Launched in 2017, masterminds at Net-A-Porter have created a new try-on and wait for premium delivery service. Through their wide network of Personal shoppers, they are also offering an at-home shopping consultation to their most prestigious and loyal customers. The ‘Style Trial’ service will allow consumers to order up to 30 pieces to try at home before they buy for a seven-day trial period. The items can be freely picked by the customer or presented in the form of a customized selection curated by the personal shopper.

The brand has also noticed that many of the company’s significant clients are making purchases using platforms like Whatsapp, iMessage, and WeChat. Net-A-Porter believes that its services in future don’t necessarily have to be restricted to a traditional website format and they are open to offer their services to customers wherever they are. The firm is presently testing how it might utilize artificial intelligence to combine data from purchase history and fashion trends to provide customized recommendations and suggestions to personal shoppers in advance.

Personalization of Net-A-porter is based on onsite and in-app browsing behavior and interests. Beyond collaborative filtering, Net-a-Porter utilizes product recommendations as a chance to upsell. Recommendations for “Completing the Look” and “How to Wear It” are the most successful personalization tactics used by them.

Yours. Truly. has been founded with the same concept of personalization as Net-A-Porter. The eCommerce platform offers customized fashion to its customers with specific attention to the colors, fabric and other intricate preferences of its users. The foundation of Yours. Truly.  is a color analyzer that matches customers to the colors that are ideal for them instead of forcing an inflexible collection on its customers. The platform doesn’t just provide a myriad of options but curates a personal palette for the shopper based on their inherent personality and skin tones. Furthermore, it sources the finest fabric from ethical and contemporary ateliers around the world and handpicks the ones that suit their customers best. Yours.Truly. has all your needs covered whether it is as tiny as the buttons on your shirt to the more significant such as the fabric of your dress.

Yours. Truly. platform is a simple, digital, and individualized fashion experience that will assist its users in discovering their signature look. With Yours Truly. customers can make their own collection out of the favorite products and store them for later by adding comments. The platform and its qualified fashion assistants generate three fashion lists for users, which are updated weekly based on the customers tones and preferences and may be browsed, saved, or purchased in stores. Unlike other websites, that often recommend a random mix of ‘frequently purchased’ or ‘popular this weekly’, Yours. Truly offers an objective and science-based methodology that cuts through the noise and bias to offer a selection that truly fits its users. The brand is driven to help its customers not just discover their visual voice but also build on and refine it so their inherent character shines through confidently.