of all that is colour

We're in the serious business of dressing with zest

We went so far with researching how to wear our colours, that we ended up building a Human Centred Colour System®, which is able to create individual colour charts for each of us. A chart of colours that is unique and comfortable for us.

The making of an individual colour chart

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Request account

The face artwork

custom artwork made of the dominant colours of your face put in a new perspective

The individual colour chart

your very own personal colour map made by our Human Centred Colour System® for dowload

Custom product options

list of products printed only for your request with your custom artwork

£235 one-time account building fee

Colour is life. As the world without colours appears to us as death.

– J. Itten

Made for the curious and the nonconformist

The colour wizards of fashion

The boldest independent fashion ateliers using colours like fairy the magic wand