The next level Membership
The next level Membership

Get immersed in the art of dressing colourful.

Browse a hand curated selection of different fashion. Every piece is matched, every piece is an artwork.
The colour palette of the selection is revolving around the centrepiece, you. 

Art & Science

No kidding about colours

We're a cross border research team working on something spectacular. We're building a human centred colour system with a multidisciplinary approach and academic resources. Something that didn't exist before and will change the way of seeing the world. We're building individual worlds of colours.

Innovation advisor

Awarding body

Research partner

Project lead

Members’ benefits

24h setup

  • Artified result of the photo based colour analysis – aka you, the composition forming force in the centre of the palette
  • Downloadable, printable artwork made from your palette

  • Curated list of matching garments, shoes, accessories, updated weekly

  • Wishlist to save and comment on your favourite ones, and share them with someone who should know what to buy you

Become a member

Explore the intractably entangled relation between your colours and fashion

The one-time account setup fee gives you a lifelong support to be a walking artwork and to browse fashion differently.