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Image upload

Please share a couple of selfies, mostly showing your face and nack in a good, natural lighting and no make up on. (If you don't like them, you can delete them after the account setup)


Wait for account setup

Please allow us 24 hours to put our human centered colour system into gear and create your world of colours (including your custom artwork and fashion selection).


First login

You'll receive a notification email when your account is ready. If it get lost in space, just login to your account (maybe even refresh) the next day and you'll see your colour space.


Keep coming back

Your artworks and guidance palette will be there permanently, downloadable any time. The collections are refreshed on a biweekly bases and your wishlisht is ready to be commented and shared when you feel to do so.

#1 Image upload

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With any questions, please contact us at assist@yourstruly.fashion. Otherwise, have an amazing journey!