‘s beautiful face

The face artwork

Naturally gorgeous, repainted by art

The face-artwork is made out of the dominant colours of the face to show off the creative power of the natural palette. This is the first step of the journey in the world of colours, seeing our own colours in their full value.

How strong our colours are, how defining their impact on our overall world becomes transparent when they're put in context via art. Without changing the colour attributes, simply repainting the arrangement gives a brand new view on our colours.

The face-artwork is available for download in JPG format, print ready in standard A2 poster size.

To expand the impact of the natural colours, the following custom prints are available for creating hyper-personalised wearables (***previews show sample colours***):

The deconstruction

The Human Centred Colour System® in work

Contrary to the popular belief, it's not the actual colour (AKA the hue) that we're interested in. It's the attributes and the dynamics of the dominant colours that give the information we can take forward to create the individual colour chart.

The ultimate goal is to identify and embrace our natural uniqueness. To build a signature look that tells more about us and gives confidence in our fashion choices. Why? Because we can't create authentic connections with hiding behind black.

With any questions, please contact us at assist@yourstruly.fashion